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Smart-Me controls your Sockets from anywhere!

Mix up a good idea with swiss precision and what will you get? The smartest power plug you’ll find! Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter all in one compact device. 

The device, developed by the two swiss David Eberli and Noldy Eberli is a class 1 energy and power meter which is capable of measuring power, energy, current voltage and power factor with an accuracy of astonishing 99%. Smart-Me is also WiFi enabled, letting you read all the information on your smartphone on the go. In addition the socket can also provide information about imported power which can be helpful if you want to keep track of energy production for example from your solar panels. Due to the capability of measuring very low power consumption it is further a good choice if you need information about standby consumption of a device.
In addition, Smart-Me offers advanced functionality like the possibility to switch off any device using the smartphone app and to create diagrams and reports of your energy data which can be exported to PDF and Excel.


How it works (image: Smart-Me)

The EBV backed project uses a Texas Instruments CC3100 Simple Link to connect to the internet and a MSP430 processor for the energy and temperature measurement. The data is sent to the smart-me cloud and can be accessed via apps or your browser. To ensure security and privacy of your information every connection is encrypted and your data is stored anonymously on the servers.


Inside of the Smart-Me socket (image: Smart-Me)

You can buy Smart-me here with prices starting at €117.72 for the US; UK and Europe edition and €139.90 for the Swiss edition.