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Smart Home Start-Up Helps Elderly to Stay Independent

Have you ever imagined yourself when you are 80 years or older? You have grey hair and some wrinkles but apart from that you are looking like Pam Anderson or David Hasselhoff in the first season of Baywatch. Well, I hate to break it to you but chances are you will not be that fit any more. However you may not have to worry about having to live in an old people’s home to be safe – at least not if you ask Casenio.

Casenio, a Berlin, Germany based start-up is developing smart home solutions helping elderly, handicapped and also people with children to live in their homes safer. The idea behind the system is to create a virtual safety net monitoring the house and the person within and sending an alert in case of an emergency or if help is needed.

The assistance system is like a highly advanced version of an emergency call system using a variety of sensors to monitor your home. The central hub called “house central” is a device with touch screen, speaker, microphone and WiFi. To monitor the living space one selects and installs the appropriate sensors which are then all connected wirelessly to the central.

The current sensor portfolio consist of more than 10 different products, an emergency call button for the wrist and a smart power-plug. There are several sensors monitoring home appliances like a water flow sensor for your water taps or a stove sensor for your hot plates. Further you can get sensors monitoring the persons living in the house like motion sensors or a matt controlling if you are lying down in your bed.


By combining the different Casenio products you can create a mesh of sensors which feeds its data to the house central. In this device the data is encrypted and sent to your Casenio account. In your account you are able to select each sensor and establish rules for alerts. For example, you can be alerted if no one uses the toilet flush in two days. Also you can set up alarms for doors which are (not) opened or for critical CO2 measurements in your home. Through the individual selection of parameters which fit the live-style of the persons living in the house you can now be alerted via email, SMS and calls if something unusual appears.

The settings can be adjusted easily from anywhere in the world via internet, helping you to shut off alerts e.g. when no one is home (e.g. on vacation) and therefore no motion appears over an extended time period. Further Casenio offers great solutions like a connected medibox which can sent an alert if important medication has been forgotten or to remind you to take your pills.

In case of an emergency the house central can contact care personal or relatives and send an emergency call. Through the speaker and microphone the person in danger can talk to the called individual and describe the situation for fast assistance and help.

Casenio’s solution is an unbelievable step forward which could help elderly people to stay and live independently in their own houses and apartments while feeling safe. The system is still growing with a next big project aimed to connect sensors and devices monitoring vital body functions via Bluetooth to the system. You can support the company in doing so on the crowd-funding page Startnext right now!

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