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Get Rid Of Annoying Readout Dates With Smart Meters

smart meter

Once or twice a year you find those letters in your mailbox from your electricity suppliers. They give you notice of someone from the company is about to come by to read the counter status of your power meter. One more time you are annoyed of being forced to take an extra vacation day for this event. But there’s no choice, someone needs to be at home. But there’s good news! This might change soon.

If you have a look at your electricity meter, you might wonder if you really arrived in the digital age already. There’s this device in front of you that appears to be still one out of the middle of the 20th century or even older. And it’s true. In most households you can still find traditional hour-watt meters. Very common is the so-called Ferraris meter, named after the Italian electrical engineer and physicist Galileo Ferraris who lived in the second half of the 19th century. Those can be easily recognised for everyone by the horizontally rotating disc.

With the focus on innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future, E-world 2017 in Essen/Germany attracted industry experts from all over the world. During the 3-day trade fair, our client eBZ showcased its latest development of an electronic electricity meter. It belongs to a new generation of meters that make readout dates obsolete. Basically two hardware versions are available, one for single and one for multiple tariff. Furthermore, it can be provided with different labelling options, 60A or 100A as well as Class A or B. The combination with different software alternatives, allows in total 32 modifications of the eBZ DD3 meter.

eBV smart meter
eBZ GmbH showcased the new development of its DD3 meter at the E-world 2017 in Essen

This new meter has a wireless M-BUS included and further comes up with an Open Metering System (OMS) 4.x. interface. OMS certified meters offer an open communication standard for the consumption measurement of electricity, gas, water and thermal energy. This standard will be the prerequisite to save energy with the help of smart grids and smart homes. Furthermore, it is essential when it comes to an optimal integration of renewable energy from wind and sun.

Together with our partners from Weptech and infoteam Software, the EBV smart grid team developed a USB stick that makes a walk-by or drive-by readout possible. An app based on Xamarin software displays the data on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC. This solution is also able to send the measurement data directly into a cloud. Consequently, the combination of the eBZ electricity meter and the USB stick finally creates an intelligent solution. Such smart meters are used more and more frequently, and together with automatic load and resource management are an integral part of smart grid.

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