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SpaceTechExpo Europe Takes You Into Space

If you think of aerospace usually big organisations like the NASA, ESA, or DLR and company names like Boing, Airbus, Ariane Group, SpaceX or Virgin Galactic come into your mind. Space vehicle, satellites or launching and control systems are such complex systems though that they require technology from various manufacturers of very different branches. Whenever electronics comes into play, semiconductors are indispensable nowadays. And so it is with aerospace technology.

Special requirements are necessary in the sector where only little mistakes and inaccuracies often have tremendous consequences. Not seldom fate and lives of people will depend on them. Highest imaginable reliability is vital and decide between success and failure. During trade fairs like SpaceTechExpo Europe, technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers and system integrators showcase the latest developments and innovations for civil, military and commercial space.

STMicroelectronics is one of our manufacturing partners that provides components that are required in above mentioned space applications. Hardly anyone knows that ST was already part in one of the most spectacular space missions in the recent years. Aerospace enthusiasts will remember the space satellite Rosetta, its lander Philae landed on the Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko almost precisely 3 years ago. ST was on board with more than 4000 radiation-hardened logic ICs and more than 6500 rad-hard transistors. All devices were qualified by the European Space Agency (ESA) to the European quality system.

At SpaceTechExpo Europe in Bremen, Germany, STMicroelectronics co-exhibits with us this year and showcases the latest developments of its product portfolio. And again they come up with products that are currently flying above us in space. At our booth in Bremen, ST new series of Schottky Diodes and Rectifiers – that will be used of the Galileo satellite navigation mission of by the European Union (EU) through the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) – can be seen.

STMicroelectronics Diodes and rectifiers for space
STMicroelectronics Diodes and Rectifiers for Space

In space you need products that can resist high levels of radiation. Specially designed for that purpose are ST’s Rad-Hard dual 4.5A low side gate driver, flexible, high-frequency dual low-side driver specifically designed to work with high capacitive MOSFETs and IGBTs.

ST’s latest Rad Hard analog solutions enrich the whole chain of analog digital conversion. The Rad-Hard low power rail to rail op-amp, such as the RHR61, can be utilized in any general space application and withstands not only high levels of radiation but also a temperature range from -55 °C to 125 °C.

About a year ago for the first time we presented the EtherSpace during the ILA Berlin Air Show. Also in Bremen at SpaceTechExpo Europe the alliance – meanwhile consisting of companies like Airbus DS, TTTech, Axon, Ariane Group, Thales Alenia Space, Arquimea, Vorago and EBV Elektronik – shows a space solution on the EBV booth at SpaceTechExpo Europe lasting from October 24 to 26 in Bremen.

As stated out above, space applications of very complex devices that are exposed to a very special environment. The segment is unique and it requires unique solutions. Contact our High-rel experts directly on our stand (B71) in Bremen, or send us your questions via our contact form here.