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The Voice Of Benin – A Special Honour For A Special Woman

Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon

About a year ago, in an earlier article in this blog, we introduced Marianne Doetzer and wrote about her remarkable engagement. Just to recap briefly, Ms. Doetzer dedicated her life to help children and people in Benin, Africa in order to enable them to live better and happier lives. She manages and realizes many projects, also with the support of EBV employees, which have a positive and sustainable impact for the country in West Africa. Now she received a special honour, which caused us to write another article about her work.

Mission for a better life in Benin

Marianne Doetzer visiting village in Benin

With her non-profit association WEMA Home Ms. Doetzer supervises projects in many schools in Benin, which have the objective that children learn about coherences and interconnections in nature. True to her motto “No future without education” and “No environmental protection without an understanding of the interrelationships in nature” her mission is to improve the dramatic situation in Africa: It is often about the mere survival, women don’t get paid for their work because they cannot read or write (Benin has an illiteracy rate of 83% amongst women), children have to work hard in the fields instead of going to school.

It’s about giving people a perspective

EDB-das Team
Beninese men building glasses

With her work Marianne Doetzer pursues the goal to give children access to education and profession. Her projects are aimed to increase the children’s and women’s situation at work and in life in total. Furthermore, with several other projects, such as the construction of sanitary facilities or teaching Beninese how to build their own glasses, she creates jobs for people who hardly had a perspective in their lives before. An experience that gives hope for a better future. These are only examples of many more initiatives Ms. Doetzer together with her team is working on. Reason enough to get honoured appropriately.

A very special honour for an outstanding personality

award ceremony
Marianne Doetzer receiving the Federal Cross of Merit

On November 23rd the time had come: The Bavarian State Minister of European Affairs and Regional Relations, Beate Merk, rewarded Ms Doetzer with the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon (Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande) for her many years of social, ecological and human engagement in the West African country Benin. A very special honour for this outstanding person, who dedicates her life and all of her passion for the people of Benin.
The EBV Team wants to take this opportunity to again say “Thank you” and of course “Congratulations”.