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StartUp Mesana Is The High-Tech Answer To Health Issues

Mesana Smart Patch

With more than 350.000 deaths each year caused by circulatory diseases in Germany alone and costs of more than 50 billion € generated through false diagnostics it’s quite easy to see the potential for innovation in the healthcare segment.
The healthcare startup
corvolution steps into this market gap and developed a concept based on a sensor patch in order to address issues within circulatory diagnostics and cardiovascular-prevention called Mesana.

Basically the solution of the young team from the Karlsruhe institute of technology (KIT) includes a full program including consultation, diagnosis and analysis. Patients and users fill out a questionnaire in order to self assess their current mental and physical state. In the next step the users will have to wear a sensor patch for 48 hours which is delivered to them once they applied for the program.
This matchbox sized sensor uses two ECG electrodes to measure the electrocardiogram (ECG) and activates automatically once attached to the body. In addition the smart patch which is worn discreetly on the chest collects temperature, acceleration and air pressure data.

Mesana Patch
The Mesana smart patch worn on the chest during the data acquisition phase

The collected information is sent back to Mesana and analysed in the company’s data center. The results show a complete health overview with 16 different values which are categorised in the sections stress and relaxation, activity and fitness, sleep and risk. The user report created based on this analysis identifies and explains sources of stress and health risks and connects them to individual situations like work, sleep or free time activities.

This comprehensive procedure enables health consultants and physicians to develop individual solutions and therapies which prevent stress and help patients to optimise their goals in order to lead a healthier and happier life.

Therapy Mesana
The comprehensive data delivered by Mesana enables experts to develop individual and effective therapies

The concept ensures privacy as the sensor is sent directly to the user and the data is memorised in the device which is then sent back to Mesana for the data analysis.

Mesana is very cost-efficient and is therefore a great alternative in order to perform diagnostics before symptoms of stress and cardiovascular issues arise. The proven accuracy of Mesana further cuts down costs for wrong or unnecessary treatments radically which is why Mesana should be very interesting for insurance companies and employers.
As the data is collected and evaluated through the Karlsruhe-based startup and sent back to the user privately (or the physician if desired by the patient) no disadvantages are created for the wearer of the sensor. In addition, the Mesana health patch can be worn while showering, doing sports and while working without issues.

Another key benefit of the Mesana solution are the specific potential sources for illness which are identified during the program – because let’s be honest nearly all of us could live a healthier life! However we sacrifice good intentions for work, family and to enjoy the little time off we get. Through the personal health finger print and the feedback on which measures will have the biggest positive impact on our life it get easier to focus and implement them in our daily schedules.

The high effectiveness of Mesana paired with the low costs and full service, from collecting patient data in advance to the analysis and translation into clear results as well as measures have the potential to disrupt the healthcare market.
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