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People Have A Problem – 8 Startups Try To Help Out

Le Connected Camp startups

It’s always the smallest problems that drive us nuts sometimes. People – and you are probably one of those – are frequently confronted with situations when they say: ‘One should indeed invent something for this!’ Who hasn’t yet thought of being an inventor who solves a problem of millions of people with a small but brilliant idea? But in the overwhelming majority of cases it remains only a thought. Does that sound familiar to you? Not as like with the startups we’d like to introduce here in this article.

Human race would not be where it is today without the countless inventions people produced from time immemorial. And that has not changed at all. People still come up with great ideas and prototypes that may have the potential to interrupt the market. But the truth of the matter is that only a low percentage of those reach market maturity, and there are certainly reasons for that. But nowadays there are organisations that try to help out here. Start-up accelerators offer ecosystems to support young businesses to bring their ideas to life.

If you follow our blog, you most likely have read of one of those accelerators, which is based in the French Toulouse: Le Connected Camp. Specialized on the Internet of Things they already pitched companies for the second time, which then can benefit from the advantages the organisation is able to offer. In the following we will have a closer look at the companies that try to solve people’s problems.


Cloud services become more and more important in todays connected world. Data need to be available in any situation and at any place. The Paris based start-up Awacloud develops secured micro servers for companies with mobile employees. The solution is supposed to give employees access to all their data, on any devices, whether they are online or offline in a completely secured way.


Another French startup company helps to reduce water heating energy consumption. EHTech developed a patented solution that recovers heat from the shower wastewater. The idea is to use the shower waste water to preheat the cold water. Consequently, it needs less energy to heat is for the next hot shower. Up to 63% energy can be save according to EHTech. A brilliant idea and good for the wallet!


The idea the guys from Pangée had is as simple as clever. They developed a payment solution for subscriptions related to connected objects, applications dedicated to long-term rental for connected objects, leisure objects and health-related objects. Pangée reduces the cost barrier of connected objects on the B2C Market. For manufacturers and suppliers, it’s an opportunity to increase their margin and consumer loyalty.


Pro Active Fleet Management optimizes and makes your fleet management easy. With the combination of connected sensors and a dedicated platform you can easily follow your vehicles in real-time. Reports of driver’s activities will be created that can be used to optimize driving behaviour, emissions and safety.


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) become increasingly popular. Whether in leisure time or applied professionally they never played such an important role as it is today. Environmentally friendly, using solar energy, Sunbirds offers a unique worldwide drone solution. Their drones are lightweight, easy to use and affordable. With a refined design, combining accuracy and high performances, they are leading edge solutions to explore huge territories. Precision agriculture, environmental protection, disaster response or industrial inspection and security are only some application areas.


Sensinov built a universal IoT platform. It allows its clients to have access to every single IOT solution based on their needs. Sensinov’s first markets are smart cities and connected buildings. Their Global IoT service platform for cross-domain interoperability eases mass-scale deployment in various domains from smart cities, factories of the future, healthcare to connected cars.


We at EBV Elektronik are convinced that wearables will the next big thing. Wearhealth is a German start-up that offers a solution analysing big data generated by wearables to prevent and alert potentials health diseases. Experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the solution is aiming diabetes pathologies, hypertensions and stress.


Zenodys is an Industry 4.0 solution which simplifies the connections between machines thanks to a secured end-to-end platform. It handles everything from connectivity to development and end-user experience. The fully visual IoT platform for Industry 4.0 is supposed to help users to seamlessly start the IoT transformation with a radically efficient no-coding approach. The solution reduces server costs and it doesn’t require coding skills.

The results of the second batch of Le Connected Camp show how diverse the ideas are that are meant to solve problems in various areas. From wearables over Industry 4.0, drones to cloud service solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) inspires to create new products. The future will show how many of the companies introduced above will make it to market maturity in the end. But all of those have in common to be potential IoT market disruptors. Le connected Camp with its partners, such as EBV Elektronik with its IoT expertise, will support them to achieve this objective.

Stay tuned for the results as we will keep you updated on our blog on the progress of the startups as well as the next rounds of the camp (You are an entrepreneur yourself? Pitch your idea here).