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Here Are The 5 Start-ups Nominated For The EBV IoT Hero Finals In Munich

On our mission to find the EBV IoT Hero, we travelled across Europe since the kick-off of this year’s Innovation World Cup® Series at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. For the first time and as the first semiconductor distributor we partnered with the series that is continuously searching for technology game changers. Along with the EBV start-up strategy this innovation platform fits perfectly.

Several conferences, exhibitions and countless meetings later it is now official. Out of almost 940 registered solutions that were submitted to the Innovation World Cup in 2017, the judges finally came to a decision. The top 5 EBV IoT Hero finalists have been chosen! Time to have a closer look at them.

The selection phase, which was divided into two evaluation stages, was not the easiest one due to so many interesting submissions. Those without a functional prototype and incomplete solutions had to be rejected during the first screening. In the next step several criteria were taken into account by the judges: Level of innovation, time-to-market, and commercial potential, technological feasibility, marketing approach and requested investments. Particular emphasis was attached on the first three mentioned criteria in the decision making process.

The 5 EBV IoT Hero finalists now have the chance to pitch their solutions at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich on January 30th 2018. Here they are (in alphabetical order):

The German start-up Hawa Dawa makes air quality monitoring part of our everyday lives. Their smart software creates both temporal and spatial predictions that reduce the uncertainty of low cost measuring. More accurate city-wide data, including weather, topology, city geometry, or traffic will be retrieved.

The Vienna-based company Luke Roberts developed a smart lamp that enables unlimited lighting possibilities. Their high-tech system allows people to adjust the light to their personal needs and preferences with simple paint gestures on a smartphone. Say goodbye to the multiple lamps and controls that require complex and expensive installation.

The MyClose motorbike lock – built and conceived to meet the sector’s highest security requirements – guarantees the safety of a motorbike. It alerts the owners on their smartphone of any unauthorized movements towards the bike. The portable lock system from Italy requires no installation and communicates with a mobile in real-time.

StethoMe™ from Poland is a medical diagnostic device synchronized with a smartphone. It monitors the respiratory system and measures the body temperature in a precise but user-friendly way. It limits the unnecessary traditional visits to the doctor and maximizes the treatment efficiency, opening new opportunities for the telemedicine industry.

Tip Crop Oasis from the United Kingdom is a plug & play food computer to grow optimal plants, baby vegetables and “fungi” in a controlled environment. Their technology enables ideal lighting through different growth stages, reduces the production costs and boosts yield and quality.


So come to Munich in January and witness more than 30 exciting Innovation World Cup pitches including our finals and be among the first to know who will be the EBV IoT Hero. Use the code WTEU18_EBV to receive a 20% discount ticket when registering to the event here. We can’t wait to see which of the 5 companies introduced above will get the prize money of 10,000 Euro! More information about the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup Pitch & Award Ceremony in Munich can be found here. See you there!