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Next Summer Will Be Amazing With FLIPR In Your Pool

Keen pool swimmers can tell you a thing or two about those red eyes, when they spend hours splashing. Many people think twice before they jump into the supposedly refreshing water, because they are concerned about its greenish colour or a peculiar smell. Wrong dosages of chemical additives are to blame most of the time. But there is good news ahead.

We want to introduce you a start-up company, which took this into consideration and comes up with a solution for the issue. FLIPR developed a device, a connected object that you just need to place into your basin. With the help of latest generation sensors it immediately it starts analysing the water and synchronises the collected information directly with your smartphone.

Monitor Water Quality Of Your Pool

In real-time FLIPR monitors water quality, temperature and weather. There’s no need for you to worry about that anymore. A smartphone app for iOS or Android analyses the data collected by FLIPR using powerful algorithms. Clear and easy to understand graphics show you the data and deliver you a clear picture of the state with regard to water quality. And that is not the end of the story. The system delivers clear instructions, precisely and individually, how you should maintain your pool. Once an anomaly has been detected, FLIPR give you a warning signal and tells you what to do. Even cooler is that FLIPR is also able to predict the future. The system come with a feature called FliprPredict calculates the behaviour of your pool individually, and sends you a timely warning.

Flipr Technology
Sensors analyse water quality (Image: Flipr)

Protect Environment And Save Money

This is the end of hazardous chemical dosages! Red eyes due to too much chlorine in the water from now on belong to the past. Forget about green water in your pool and also unnecessary high bills for maintenance accessories, which in the end also has a positive environmental effect. Your water basin will always be in a perfect shape. That also eliminates the risk of exchanging the water, an effect that saves you a lot of money.

Be Always In the Picture

What if you go on vacation or a business trip and you will not able to care about your pool. No problem at all, because the system is able to adapt through taking your personal timetable into account. You only get instructions when you will be available. But at any time you will be connected to your system. FLIPR uses SigFox low-energy wireless network technology to communicate with your smartphone.

FLIPR makers (from left to right): Paul Costaseca (CMO), Florent Vidal (CTO), Sven Fonteny (CEO)

We had the chance to talk to the makers of FLIPR, who will be supported by the French start-up accelerator Le Connected Camp, and ask the some questions about their system:

Which technologies are you using in order to monitor the pool?

We use high-standard water sensors to monitor. Those are capable to measure all important parameters (chlorine, salt, ph, alkalinity, temperature). Thus, it can tell exactly which and how much chemicals you should use.

How long is the battery capable of performing measurements before it runs out of juice?

For now up to 3 years depending on usage, we work on longer battery life (4-5 years).

What have been the biggest technical challenges during the realisation process of this project?

The sealing process of the plastic enclosure. This is a really tricky step because you need to think about the ability to assemble it quickly but also disassemble it with ease.

Could your technology be adapted to other application areas such as instalment in pipes to check water quality?

Yes of course. Our sensors are even capable of monitoring tab water and alert whether you can drink it or not. France has in fact very high water quality standards where only a few solutions do keep up with them and we look forward to do so.

How is LeConnected Camp helping you to achieve your goals?

France counts as one of the world’s main start-up hub. This means it is very difficult to outstand the crowd. Le Connected Camp gives us this necessary notoriety. But also networking and mentoring gives us the necessary boost to ease difficult prototyping and manufacturing processes.

Learn more about FLIPR and their product on their website here. If you like to contact EBV on semiconductor solutions and services please contact us here.