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Technology As Exciting As Vampires: Dracula Technologies

Let’s take the key message of this post and put it on top: Dracula Technologies develops some unbelievably cool, innovative and exciting stuff that’s even cooler than the company’s name!

Dracula Technologies, a French start-up is a research and development team specialised in the production of organic photovoltaic energy. What that means in plain English: The company can print different layers that compose a solar panel. With this technology it is possible to produce any kind of flexible shapes that harvest energy from the sun.

The amazing solution consists of a negative electrode layer at the bottom with an interfacial layer, a photoactive layer and another interfacial layer printed on top. To generate power a semi-transparent positive electrode is put over the other layers and covered by a transparent substrate. layers

The layering principle (image: Dracula Technologies)

Using this technology the start-up has already released a 0,7 watt solar panel with USB-port capable of charging mobile devices and weighing incredible 35 grams! Due to the ultra-lightweight and small-sized design the mobile solar panel is ideally suited for outdoor activities and sports.

Based on the printable solar panel technology Dracula further offers a case for tablets and notepads which is equipped with a battery and solar panel on the outside keeping you juiced up on the go. The decent look and small size of the solution make it a great choice for business travellers.

Dracula technologies_Porte document2

Digital nomad business tablet case (image: Dracula Technologies)

The unique printing technology which can be used on all kinds of materials turning them into a solar panel allows to realise a ton of other in- and outdoor applications. Customers can benefit from the company’s know-how as Dracula Technologies is offering also the energy storage device, making it very easy to integrate the whole solution into the end product.

In an interview with incubator KIC InnoEnergy France, Brice Cruchon, CEO of DRACULA Technologies, provides an example on how a package design using the company’s technology could offer a whole new set of possibilities: “[…] our solution will allow you to have a drink with your friends while your smartphone charges via a USB plug connected to a mini solar panel that is positioned on your champagne bottle.”

While printed organic solar panels are already something really fantastic Dracula Technologies has developed another great technology: flexible electroluminescent lights. Very similar to the photovoltaics, the system consists out of several printed layers (see below).


Different layers can be combined to build a light emitting shape (image: Dracula Technologies)

The two technologies could further be combined in order to create an illuminated jacket which is solar powered and keeps cyclists and runners save in the dark without adding a lot of extra weight.

You can get an impression on what the technology looks like in the video below. Yep, it is in french language but you don’t really need to understand what Brice Cruchon says in particular as the products speak for themselves!