This Technology School For The Next Generation Of Engineers Doesn’t Bore The Kids!

Remember what you have been thinking about robots when you were a little kid? You probably have been as euphoric about them as all little girls and boys are (and some of us grown-ups, too). Maybe you even dreamed about building your own C3PO or R2D2 at some point.

By the time we got into universities and started to learn the physical and electrical principles necessary to develop the robot of our dreams we were usually already focused on a job and career plan and didn’t pursue the dream of building our own electronic assistant anymore.

In a time in which electronics are a large part of our lives and a growing number of robotic technology is used in all kinds of applications surrounding us we should do something about this and help the next generations of engineers to realise their dreams!


The little engineers attend class

In Odense, Denmark a team consisting out of engineers, scientists and teachers now started a project which aims to achieve exactly that. In the “Technology School”, which is located in and supported by the University of Southern Denmark the students are 10-18 years old and can register for the course “Awesome Robots”.


Learning the basics with Lego

In evening lessons volunteering experts help the inquisitive little technology inventors of tomorrow to build their own robots. To do so the students learn what a robot is, how a robotic system is designed and which mechanics are behind it. In order to help them to develop robots which are capable of for example cleaning up a room or painting and drawing they further get educated in electronics in order to understand how electrical components work with each other and how a system is build up.


The youngest R&D team on the planet?

Last but not least they receive support with the software for their robotics projects which helps the students to create programs sophisticated enough to enable the robots to make their own decisions.

In order to support this project Universal Robots, STMicroelectronics and EBV Elektronik joined as sponsors and help the inventors of tomorrow realising their ideas.


Along with hardware the students work on their software skills

The school attracted so many applications that they already had to start a waiting list. We hope the young engineers are as successful as the project itself with their robotic inventions and will have fun with the technology of tomorrow!

  1. Wow, it implies that technology increasing day-by-day and more people switch into the connected world using IOT apps. Do you know any systematic way to develop connected apps?

    • Hi David,

      we work with a broad network of partners in order to support customers with software like apps – but it looks like the company your profile links to is pretty competent in building IoT & M2M applications already 🙂

  2. This is such an amazing project. Engineering is a very interesting course, and lots of kids are dreaming to become one but they tend to shy away from it because of how complicated it is. But this initiative would help the kids appreciate engineering at an early age, and can actualize their dreams of having a robot. I mean, who wouldn’t want one? Robotics is has an intricate process but learning at an early age would make it easier once they go on the more complex process of engineering.

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