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The Most Exciting History Lesson You’ll Ever Take

Sometimes looking into the future means taking a look back! Take a journey through time with EBV Elektronik and travel back to the year 1969.

On a dedicated website we collected highlights which had an impact on technology, society and the global economy. Facts and stories aligned to the development of EBV from the very first days as a small company with only 5 employees to the EMEA leader in semiconductor distribution.

In 1969 when EBV was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany the first moon landing was accomplished, the Woodstock festival was flooded with 500.000 “flower children” instead of the 60.000 expected visitors and the Concorde prototype’s first flight took off.


7 years after the maiden flight in 1969 the Concorde operated the the first regular passenger flights flying from London and Paris over the Atlantic to New York in less than four hours, at speeds of 2200 km/h

Did you know that in the same year when the first home PC kit, the Altair 8800 was sold (fun fact: it took you at least 40 hours to assemble it) Microsoft was founded and EBV reached a new benchmark with 15.000 customers? Yep, that was in 1975. It was also a big year for security hardware as the patent for the chipcard, relating to “an independent, electronic object, developed for the storage of confidential data”, which protected access to the data by means of a “secret code” was registered in France. You’re still using this technology on your credit cards, SIM Cards and more today.


In 1975 the 19-year-old Bill Gates and his pal Paul Allen set about programming a version of Basic which finally turned the first PC Altair 8800 into a proper computer, capable of solving problems

Curious what else happened in the past 45+ years? Click here to get to our History page and easily choose to read about EBV happenings and global events by either choosing our logo or the globe. Enjoy!


From original print ads over interesting quotes of our EBV folks to the First World Climate Conference – our History Page got it all!