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The Smart Remote Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Smart Home

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Smart home enthusiast? Yep, it’s great to be able to control everything from the couch via the smartphone. Turn off the lights? Unlock the device (“ Damn, screen is too dirty for Touch ID…”), search for the app (“What was it called, and on what screen does it hide?”) open it, select the light you want to control and switch it off. Took you about twice as long as standing up might have. Comfortable? Maybe. Irritating? For sure.

Some hardcore “smart stuff” lovers might argue that the really cool thing is that you can control your devices from everywhere in the world. Yes, that’s great and it’s ok to spend 2 minutes to turn off the lights from any place on earth except your actual home where it should take you no time.

Good thing there are some creative inventors who stepped in to help. The guys from Sevenhugs. You might better know them from their first cool product, the hugOne family sleep monitor. Now they are about to release their next project: The Smart Remote – and it might be even more exciting.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Music
Tiny but powerful – Sevenhug’s Smart Remote

The handy device is able to control all your smart home applications just by pointing at them. Switching off your Philips Hue lights? Takes about 3 seconds. The Smart Remote triangulates its own position in your home and thus can determine exactly where you pointing at. This is enabled by three connected sockets which will be provided with the device and which also double as smart light sockets.

In order to set up the system you simply hold the remote next to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected object like your smart TV and then save the position. Thereby the remote knows exactly when you are pointing on your TV later and switches its touch screen to the TV interface as soon as you do. Same works with a lot of other connected devices like Sonos, Nest, Apple TV and even applications like iTunes or Netflix.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Scenarios
Whatever you want to control – your Philips Hue Lights, Nest Thermostat or Netflix show – just point at it!

To make things even better you can also perform two other tricks with the new device. First you can control devices e.g. in another room by saving a position you relate to them. An example would be the lights upstairs – just save the stairs which lead up as position and point at them to control the upper lights.

The second cool feature is that you can save also not-connected objects like windows. Pointing your remote at the window will then show you the current weather a long with a forecast.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote Weather Forecast
Point your Smart Remote at the window to check the local weather forecast

If you are concerned about having an apartment which is too big for the remote you will love to hear that the connected sockets for positioning can be more than 10 meters apart of each other. Worried you do have too many devices and that their location could be confusing for the remote? Just hold the remote to the more distant edges of the connected objects and you should be more than fine.

Need some more information to fall in love with the king of the remote controls? Watch the video below and get excited as you will be able to preorder the Smart Remote very soon here.

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