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Things You Need To Know About IFA 2016

The International Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) opened its doors for the last time today. Time to provide you a little summary about the highlights, trends and hot topics of the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the industry and the media. So we could not miss out having a walk through the exhibition halls of the Berlin ExpoCenter City.

More exhibitors and the bigger exhibition area compared to last year, show that the industry is booming. Manufactures hustled to introduce their latest innovations and novelties. Products of different categories attracted the masses during the past couple of days. Because we are so passionate about the Internet of Things (IoT), we especially had a look at categories referred to the IoT, such as smart home, smart household appliances, smart watches or fitness trackers.

It’s hard to choose only a handful of products for a blog article, with the overwhelming offer during the IFA 2016 show in Berlin. A study recently published by the Consumer Technology Association revealed that over one third of households may own a wearable next year. Not surprisingly manufacturers of smart watches or fitness trackers are working hard to develop better and smarter products.

Samsung for instance comes up with the new Gear S3. Bigger and heavier as its predecessor though, this little computer is packed with even smarter features, like a GPS radio controller that is able to track your position without the use of a smartphone. The Samsung Gear S3 will also be equipped with a built-in speaker that allows you to handle calls without taking the smartphone out of the pocket.

Actually known as manufacturer of navigation devices, TomTom introduces its first fitness tracker TomTom touch. It’s the first model that is able to measure the muscle- and body fat ratio without using a specific scale. For sure it also comes along with the usual features like step counter, pulse sensor or sleep analysis.

Talking about household appliances, IFA 2016 had to show quite something this years. Smart systems continue to gain ground also in this segment. Especially in the kitchen they can be found. Induction hobs will be equipped with sensor technology and for instance control extractor hoods. Cooking sensors should help to support a gently preparation of the dishes. And of course networked hobs could not be missing in Berlin. Via a smartphone or tablet users can download respective apps and access recipe databases. The app then controls the exact temperature in the pots and pans.


IFA 2016 - Samsung Family Hub
(Image Source: Messe Berlin)

Another kitchen device worth mentioning is the Samsung Family hub, which is actually a refrigerator. But it can do a lot more than just keeping your vegetables and drinks fresh and chilly. Behind this lies a sheer communication centre for the kitchen with a Wifi enabled touchscreen that is able to manage your shopping list or even entertain the whole family, when being connected to your Smart TV or music steaming service. Three cameras take pictures of the content inside every time when the door closes. Using an app you will always know what is missing, from everywhere.

But not only the kitchen gets smarter, but the entire home does with the right gadgets. The Munich based company and smart home supplier Tado, for instance, comes up with new IoT products. Their smarts radiator thermostat enables multi-room control, meaning users can set different temperatures in different rooms. Thanks to Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit support room temperatures can be controlled with voice commands. Furthermore, the smartphone location can be tracked, so temperature can be adjusted according to your location. All-in-all the new device should help to reduce energy consumption up to around 30 percent, according to Tado.

to put it in a nutshell, there was again plenty to see at this year’s IFA in Berlin. Besides all those fency and innovative TV’s, smartphones, cameras and drones the trend seems to be clear. No matter which product, they are getting smarter and smarter. Connectivity and sensor technology play a really big role in consumer electronics. Segments EBV has a lot of experience in. As one of the leading specialist in European semiconductor industry, we drive the IoT forward. Contact us here with your questions and ask for our support, when it comes to your IoT project. We are passionate about it.

(Featured Image Source: Messe Berlin)