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Think about Things! EBV IoT Guide

The Internet of Things (IoT) – interconnecting objects, data, processes and people – long ago ceased to be merely a future vision, and is now reality. It’s estimated that 1 trillion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2025. With billions of smart connected devices waiting to share their data, the engineering community is facing the critical challenge of increasing performance while reducing the energy consumption of their electronic products. An additional challenge is how to secure, store and share the tremendous amount of data collected by all the interconnected things and systems.

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 CEO Voices on IoT

source: EBV “The Quintessence – Internet of Things

Carlos Bozotti CEO STMicroCombining low-power demands with inviting, friendly user interfaces to ensure that connected, interactive “Things” actually deliver real user benefits are the biggest challenges to making the IoT functional and valuable.


Carlo Bozotti, President and CEO, STMicroelectronics


Steven Laub CEO Atmel

“IoT dwarfs all other opportunities for the semiconductor industry as virtually every device or system equipped with electronics of any kind will be connected to the Internet in some way. By 2020, the market is expected to soar to 50 billion devices. As the semiconductor industry has transitioned from PCs to mobile, IoT will now rise to become the predominant market. This transition will favour ultra- low power and integration of microcontrollers, wireless connectivity, security, touch technologies and sensor management products”.


Steven Laub, President and CEO, Atmel Corporation 


Richard k. Templeton CEO Texas InstrumentsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a shift in market opportunities. While the growth of consumer electronics was fueled by powerful multicore microprocessors  (MPUs), the IoT is primarily driven by microcontrollers (MCUs) in a host of connected devices, all requiring efficient power supply, precise measurement and transfer of data, and wireless connectivity.


Richard k. Templeton, President and CEO, Texas Instruments




Gregg Lowe CEO Freescale

With billions of smart connected devices waiting to share their data, the engineering community is facing the critical challenge of increasing performance while reducing the energy consumption of the electronic products we create. And as more devices connect to the Internet, system security will be critical.


Gregg Lowe, President and CEO, Freescale Semiconductor


The IoT – a 360 Degrees Overview

We are at the threshold of a new market trend which offers enormous potential. In order to share in it, market players will need innovative electronic components as well as specific know-how relating to the Internet of Things. The free available IoT guide “Think about Things” published by EBV includes a comprehensive overview about the IoT from chip manufacturers, definitions, technologies, software to specific products and helpful links.

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