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This Is What A University Can Do With ST Nucleo Boards

Making. This is what will accelerate the number of new IoT applications in the 21st century. Makers, students and engineers who take the technology and create things.

Everyone who sees technology as something that should enable people to lead better, more sustainable and healthier lives probably agrees that we need to grant everyone who has a good idea access to those technologies and education.


The ST Nucleo boards – a perfect fit for makers

So how can we be part of it? Together with STMicroelectronics we found a way to make a contribution: Providing the Kharkov Technical University with ST Nucleo F411RE development kits.


The red main building of the Kharkov Technical University

It’s amazing how fast the engineers of tomorrow understand how to apply and make use of the functionality and possibilities of the ST boards and come up with unique ideas.


The students learn how to work with the dev-kits in innovative courses

The students get hands-on training in courses called “software microcontroller systems”, “systems and devices of data” and a planned new course called “diagnostic equipment”. Now honestly – how cool is that?


Students teaming up to solve challenges with the ST boards

Even more amazingly, the boards have already been successfully used in the development of laboratory stands measuring oxygen consumption as well as in programming courses for students.

Let’s keep on engineering together for a better tomorrow!