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This Startup Event Was As Exciting As A Hollywood Blockbuster!

This fall, on November 11, 2015, 30 persons, 20 litres of coffee, 10 kilograms of cake and 500 kilograms of brochures have been brought together in one room to find the ultimate answer to the question “How to digitalise my world?”. 15000 seconds on one afternoon have changed their lives forever… here is what they found.

You did not smile reading those bold lines? Read again and imagine Don LaFontaine reading them to you as in a scary movie trailer. Now, that’s better isn’t it?

In reality the startup event from EBV together with Sizzl and Texas Instruments is better described as promising than scary. During a pretty packed afternoon in Berlin, Germany 15 startups and a bunch of industry experts gathered in order to discuss technology topics around the IoT.


Startups mix with industry experts during the event

Feedback from startups that we talked to in the past is that they need support especially when it comes to connection and security of their products and application ideas. While it may be possible to participate in the IoT with the help of simple tools, young companies need to be educated to learn what these simple tools are, how they work and which benefits they can bring to their projects.

Together with Texas Instruments and Sizzl we introduced the attendees of the workshop to a multifunctional way to easily implement the IoT into their products. In addition to information we also fed them with a lot of cake and coffee – which is good as startups need to grow.

During the first session of the afternoon we explained and discussed different connectivity alternatives from Bluetooth to WiFi and their advantages and disadvantages in different application scenarios.

Despite most startups already knowing which kind of communication standard they would like to use they have been surprised which possibilities and alternatives there are. As a good example, with sophisticated products like the Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi family (single-chip, low-power Wi-Fi solutions with built-in programmable MCU) choosing WiFi instead of Bluetooth can be a possibility even if only low-range is required.


Texas Instruments’ Dirk Jansen introduces the SimpleLink IoT family 

After a short break we directed our conversation towards sensors and the different possibilities transforming physics into bits. For most tech ideas sensing the environment is a crucial part of the application as this enables a device to be integrated into its surroundings.

We finished the day with a more specific topic: “What is ‘wake up by voice’?”. The touch-less interaction with devices using voice commands is a powerful tool especially for the smart home, smart kitchen and automotive markets where you might not be able to use your hands.

With so man young innovators mixed with tons of experience from industry experts the first Sizzl startup event was a big success.

“Were will you be when the next event goes down?” (editor’s note: read again in movie trailer voice). Stay up to date on the next events with our events page or follow us on our social networks.