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Top Health Devices at CES 2015

Four out of ten family physicians in the US use consumer health apps at the point of care with their patients. 70 percent out of these four recommend preventative or healthy lifestyle apps to their patients. The Family Medicine for America’s Health shared this survey data during a panel session at CES 2015 this week. The numbers were collected from 94 physician members of the American Academy of Family Physicians and might not be scientifically relevant but indicate the increasing adoption of modern electronics and apps by medical professionals. Good enough for us to introduce the best health devices unveiled at the CES this year!

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches

Three times Garmin!

Garmin announced 3 new activity trackers, the fenix 3, epix and vívoactive.
The fenix 3 tracks a broad range of sports and activities including fitness, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, trail running and more. The watch which will cost around $500, features an antenna paired with a 3-axis electronic compass, barometer, and auto-calibrating altimeter and is compatible with the Connect IQ™ store.

fenix 3

The epix main function is accurate GPS mapping but the $549.99 priced device is also capable of tracking fitness activity.



The vívoactive will cost only $249, come with a touchscreen and is a lightweight and ultra-thin GPS smartwatch with built-in sports and activity tracking apps.



Withings Activité Pop

Following last years Activité, an activity tracker looking like an analog watch and designed in a Swiss village, Withings unveiled a low cost version of the watch, the Activité Pop. Highlights include activity, sleep and swim tracking and 8 months battery life (!!!).


Wellograph announces software updates

Wellograph, the company that unveiled its smart watch at last years CES did not release a new device but enhanced the capabilities of the existing tracker with new software. You are now able to get information about your sleep cycle in addition to activity tracking.



Smart Band-Aids are a thing now!

AmpStrip is the most inconspicuous way to monitor your body

Fitlinxx, the maker of the BtoB activity tracker Pebble, announced its indigogo crowdfounding campaign for a band-aid like fitness tracker. The small patch sticks to your skin on your chest and constantly monitors your heart rate and activity. It is waterproof, connects to smartphones with Bluetooth Low Energy and can be charged wirelessly.


VivaLnk eSkin measures body temperature

VivaLnk has developed a thermometer patch that sticks on the user and tracks the user’s fever. It sends this data to a connected smartphone app. According to VivaLnk the temperature can be read in less than three seconds.


TempTraq 24-hour smart thermometer

TempTraq is a 24-hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device. The patch enables parents to set up alerts when the temperature exceeds pre-set parameters.



From Headphones to T-Shirts…

Parrot Zik Sport – in-ear sports tracker

Parrot unveiled headphones with health sensing capabilities. The headphones track heart rate with an in-ear biometric sensor and analyze the user’s running style, including cadence, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation. Users can view the data on a companion app.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.06.25

easyTek – Siemens smart hearing aid

Siemens announced the easyTek hearing aid which uses microphones pointed in four directions streaming sound directly to your ear. The user is able to adjust the volume and levels of microphones depending on the background noises and the listening focus.


Hexoskin  for the young generation

Hexoskin unveiled a Hexoskin Junior for youths, the shirt comes with the same sensors as the adult version, measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, respiration volume, calories burned, and steps taken per minute.



Other health innovations at the CES include the Bloom Ring from Prima-Temp aimed at women trying to conceive a child, sleep tracking and improving via mattresses like with the nuyu sleep system which adapts the temperature of your bed to promote optimal sleep health and others. With so many new innovations in this field it is predictable that physicians can enhance the relationship more and more by implementing apps and personal devices in the treatment process.

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