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Train your Brain with Melo Mind and Muse!

Training your biceps is easy, training your brain is something else. At CES Las Vegas last week we met two companies that claim, that they are able to read your brain waves using a headset and to translate the sensed data into usable information in order to train your brain to cope with stress and to concentrate better.

Melo Mind

Melo Mind, a futuristic looking wearable from French start-up myBrain, is placed on your head to read the electroencephalography (EEG) data of your brain. To exercise you will have to wear headphones and connect Melo to your smartphone with an app. By listening to the music (specifically designed by myBrain) the user is enabled to get conscious of unconscious brain mechanisms, which are the core origin of stress. You will be able to choose among a catalog of audio environments in which you will progress during the relaxation sessions. The playing music will be modulated by your own brain activity in order to learn to control your unconscious brain mechanisms. All data and progress is stored and visualised in the corresponding app.
MyBrain recommends to use the Melo for about 15 minutes twice a week.
The device will be available by the end of 2015 in the US and in Europe.



Toronto-based InteraXon has already sold over 15.000 units of the so called Muse headband since its retail launch in August 2014. The company claims that users can improve their attention by training them to become aware of distractions. The band works in a similar way to the one from myBrain while being a lot smaller. Another difference is that InteraXon says it’s device is most effective when used for about 3 minutes every day rather than just twice a week.
The adjustable device is equipped with two forehead sensors, three reference sensors and SmartSense Conductive Rubber Ear Sensors. The EEG data is sent to an smartphone app called “calm”, which delivers real-time feedback during training sessions. The app got a major upgrade just in time for the CES 2015.

Muse is currently available for $299 here, Melo Mind will cost roughly the same hitting the market later this year.


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