The Vision, which took place last week, is the world’s leading machine vision trade fair. This years show was even greater with more than 8700 visitors and more 430 exhibitors. Topics included new developments in machine vision components and systems, such as cameras, image sensors, processing units, frame grabbers, software tools, lighting systems, lenses, cables, accessories and complete application solutions. For the first time, the focus was on industry PCs (IPC) and embedded PC systems which are ideally suited for complex, demanding machine vision applications. 
EBV’s SoCrates Cyclone V SoC Starter Kit was present at several booths of our suppliers and partners, in combination with Dream Chip Technologies GmbH’s Image Processing Pipeline. The solution offers customers a great platform to bring machine vision systems to market.

EBV Socrates Cyclone V SoC at the Vision 2014

We took some time and followed the Starter Kit around the Vision together with Harald Friedrich, Vertical Segment Director EMEA for FPGAs, and got some great experts in front of our camera, providing great market insights.

Harald Friedrich, Vertical Segment Director EMEA for FPGAs at the Vision 2014

The trends we saw included the move towards smart cameras and higher computing power in- and outside the camera; a challenge which EBV addresses with the SoC family of Altera, allowing an ideal split between hard- and software efforts and helping to create flexible, customised solutions.


At our first stop we spotted the Socrates Board at the Dream Chip booth. The company was part of the Altera Cyclone V SoC Development Platform with an image processing pipeline with gamma correction, auto white balancing, auto exposure, black level compensation, bad pixel detection and correction and more features. At the booth we met…

Heiko Henkel, Director Business Development at Dream Chip and Laurent Emmerich, Market Development Manager at Altera

With the two market experts at one table we were able to have a great conversation addressing key market challenges. One of the trends identified by Dream Chip is the increasing number of algorithms running on the GPU and CPU of the systems due to more and more complex object recognition and sensors in systems like pedestrian and blind spot detection. This means that often the GPU of SoC devices is fully packed creating the need for an additional FPGA to accelerate algorithms. Looking at future developments like autonomous driving cars this trend is very likely to continue. Watch the great video below to learn more.

ON Semiconductor

Our next stop was at the booth of ON Semiconductor. The company is making a lot of news these days as it has created a wide portfolio of products for machine vision due to the acquisitions of Truesense Imaging Inc. and Aptina Imaging. Further with the additional image sensors the company can serve all imaging markets like consumer, automotive or space. We met…

Joost Seijnaeve, Product Marketing Management at ON Semiconductor

According to him, backlight illumination,  a standard technology in consumer markets is very likely to be more and more integrated in machine vision applications. Another technology on the rising is time of flight sensor imaging. Watch the video at the ON Semiconductor booth:


How could we talk about our Socrates board and not mention Altera? Well we could not and therefore our last stop has been at their booth. The company presented the Cyclone V SoC Platform along with a real-time optical flow demonstration.

Graham Baker, Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Altera

We met  Graham Baker, Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Altera, who gave us great update on the trend towards smaller camera devices as well as more and more processing power which results in the demand for increasingly capable FPGAs.


The Vision did also hold a lot more great and exciting new technologies like drone-cameras and highly advanced 3D vision. In conclusion we can say that the machine vision market is staying very exciting and will keep providing new possibilities to make our lives safer and more efficient. Below we fixed a little gallery with some impressions of the show.