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Wide Band Gap Technology Will Dominate PCIM 2016

With the PCIM 2016, Europe’s leading exhibition and conference for power electronics and its applications in intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management kicks off today in Nuremberg, Germany. Over the next three days developments in power semiconductors, passive components, thermal management products, energy storage, sensors and new materials as well as systems will be presented.
Usually you would have to wait until the show is over to identify the trend of the year. In 2016 however, one topic will predictably be the most discussed one: Wide Band Gap (WBG) technology.

The opening keynote is titled  “Welcome to the Post-Silicon World: Wide Band Gap Powers Ahead”. GaN and SiC enable amazing new devices which are key to make designs more efficient and reduce power consumption and both technologies slowly start to hit the market. Therefor you should watch out for innovations in this area if you are at the show this year.
If not, we can at least provide you with a brief overview of the most amazing innovations that will be showcased.

As you would expect Infineon will present sophisticated solutions for drives applications, wind and solar energy, home appliances, construction & agricultural vehicles, traction, automotive, and power supplies.
The most exciting innovations are the 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFETs which make use of SiC in order to achieve the lowest gate charge and device capacitance levels seen in 1200V switches, eliminate reverse recovery losses of the anti-parallel diode, enable temperature independent low switching losses and threshold-free on-state characteristics.
Other highlights will be GaN based technologies, enabling higher power density through the ability to switch at high frequencies, as well as the XHP™ package concept for high-power inverters, the High Power Electrical Triggered Thyristor (ETT), and Digital Motor Controller iMOTION™ for drones.

The booth of Analog Devices is well worth a visit in order to discover the iCoupler® isolation technology for motor control. This demo shows various elements within a motor drive where isolation is critical to the system performance.
Another demo uses the ADSP-CM408 mixed-signal controller and a 400V PM-motor to show how system performance is affected by non-ideal effects in the current loop and how the demonstrated feedback circuit design can mitigate the non-ideal effects.
Analog Devices will further display solutions based on the new generation energy harvesting power converter, ADP5091 as well as the new Precision Power Conversion Platform targeted at next generation applications including solar PV inverters, solar+storage and electric vehicle infrastructure.

STMicroelectronics appearance is all about the goal to enable greater efficiency and better control of power in applications for smart industry and for the smart home and city. ST will further present SiC solutions up to 1700 Volts.
The second highlight will be the ever growing STM32 Open Development Environment. ST will showcase various boards out of the innovative ODE along with some useful extension boards and software tools.

ON Semiconductor will enable you to get your hands on a high technological double pulse tester showing the market leading switching performance of ON Semi’s new Ultra Field Stop IGBTs. Those IGBTs target applications switching between a few kHz up to 50 kHz to deliver high efficiency.
Also don’t miss the first part of the ON Semi poster dialogue session on Wednesday, starting 3:30pm titled “An Insightful Evaluation of a 650V High-Voltage GaN Technology in Cascode and Stand-Alone Transistors”.

Want to learn more about WBG technology today? Fairchild will be presenting in the exhibitor forum on Tuesday 11:20am and talk about the increasing reliability with avalanche-enhanced and moisture rugged SiC diode technology.
In addition the company will host some interesting demos addressing motor control, industrial power, automotive, smart lighting and more.

If you are not only on the hunt for drives and power electronics, stop by at Vishay’s booth to checkout some innovative Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Big Data solutions.

Looking at the presentations and demonstrations we can expect some exciting WBG solutions – not only at the PCIM but in the market. For help, questions and support with semiconductor and WBG technologies feel free to contact EBV here.