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Windoo transforms your Smartphone into a Weather Station

The Skywatch Windoo is a tiny and powerful accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone. The device is packed with sensors transforming your phone into a weather station.


image: Windoo

Windoo plugs into the headphone jack of your phone or tablet and delivers information about wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure. The small round pin uses MSP430G2 technology from Texas Instruments and a flexible circuit board which is wrapped up in the tubular housing. It is equipped with a a multi-directional propeller and magnetic transmission to measure  wind speed and sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure.

The small weather station, which was developed by the Swiss company JDC Electronic SA with support from EBV, can easily be worn on your wrist or be attached to your key chain. The device is very robust featuring sapphire bearings, anodized aluminum housing, stainless steel shaft and a carbon protective case.


image: Windoo

The Windoo Apps for iOS and Android enable you to save measurements and display them in diagrams, save them to your history, to tag them with geographical information, to show them on a map and to share the data via social networks. See how it works in the Video below:

You can buy Windoo here.