Make Your Work Count With a Career at EBV Elektronik & Avnet

With a successful graduation, adolescents have already achieved a very important milestone in their lives. Now it is the time to decide on how to proceed, which is often not an easy decision. There’s a broad palette on what you can do, and it’s a pioneering decision young people have to make. EBV Elektronik and Avnet offers many opportunities for them to enter a career path.

The semiconductor industry is such a complex one that it requires well qualified people and employees in many areas. As one of the leading distributors in the European semiconductor industry, EBV Elektronik and Avnet offers adolescents career opportunities to start a commercial, technical as well as a creative apprenticeship or a highly-requested dual study.

Five students started their career at EBV

Our competent apprenticeship team gives their best on a daily basis in order to obtain an attractive and exciting view in the different departments. From the very beginning the apprentices take an active role. This new era in their lives started at EBV for four young people, who started their traineeship in the warehouse, facility management and desktop support.

If you want both theory and practice then EBV offers exactly what you are looking for with its dual-study program. We collaborate with the renowned Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and offer a range of practice-orientated degree programmes. These dual-track qualifications give you both a bachelor’s degree and a strong body of work experience. From the very beginning you get the chance to build your network within the company. There are alternating theory and practical modules, each lasting roughly three months. One student decided for this opportunity in our Sales Operations department, which can later mean an ideal basis to start as a junior manager in an entry-level position without going through a long training period.

An introduction into the Avnet business

In order to give the new arrivals at EBV and Avnet the best possible start, an introduction week was organized. The five days were packed with presentations of various managers who introduced their departments, the members of the works council gave an overview about their work and an event evening was organized together with the new apprentices of the Avnet Silica and Abacus who started their apprenticeships at different Avnet sales offices in Germany. It also became hand-on during the electronic components training. Highlight of the week, though, were certainly the visits of the OSRAM factory in Regensburg and the Avnet logistics warehouse in Poing.

Apprentices and dual students visit the Avnet logistics warehouse in Poing

If you want to learn more about the opportunities to start a career at one of the most successful distributors of semiconductors, please visit our careers website. Feel also free to contact us with your questions here.