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You Can Now Implement Wireless Power Into Your Application In No Time Thanks To IDT

Wireless power transfer has the potential to free us from cables and untie our smartphones from low-sitting wall plugs. However there is one big issue with this cable-eliminating technology: It is comparably complicated and cost consuming to implement and therefore it crawls towards the mass market slowly rather than flooding the store shelves.

Now furniture makers want to boost the arrival of wireless power by offering furniture with integrated wireless charging fields – some big names try to fill them but there are only a few compliant devices on the market and there is plenty room for more. Room that should be filled with all kinds of gadgets in order to clean up the pile of knotted cables sitting on your desk!

Wireless power needs a hero that frees us from cables with easy-to-use development kits offering out-of-the-box solutions for quick prototyping and design integration. Someone that helps smaller companies to integrate the technology in their applications to eliminate all those ugly micro-USB and lighting cables.

And now there seems to be such a hero: IDT! With the P9038-R-EVK and P9025AC-R-EVK 5 Watt, Qi-compliant wireless power reference kits it gets easier than ever before to implement the futuristic technology into all kinds of low-power devices.

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The brand-new P9038-R-EVK Transmitter & P9025-R-EVK Receiver Development Kits

IDT is a leader in wireless power transfer technology and now the company has added a new “super-power”. Unlike other solutions before the receiver and transmitter development kits are designed for easy drop-in. All inputs and outputs have been placed around edges for effortless integration into your system board without tweaking. In addition, if changes are necessary special layout needs can be realised using a third-party support team.


The P9038-R-EVK Wireless Power Transmitter

Further, in order to save your next application from wires and charging ports which empowers you to seal the device and make it waterproof as well as to get a new level of flexibility regarding the design IDT provides some more good news: The P9038-R-EVK and P9025AC-R-EVK development kits are factory tuned for Qi-compliance and foreign object detection (FOD) tuning is supported via selectable pre-programmed curve settings and extensive collateral documenting FOD tuning for these devices.


The P9025-R-EVK Receiver Wireless Power Receiver

The 5-Watt, 5-Volt solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, including PC peripherals, furniture, medical devices, and other portable devices. Due to the very low costs and minimised design effort IDT opens the world of wireless power to tech start-ups, small- and mid-sized companies as well as makers.

Want To Know Why You Should Celebrate Those New IDT Kits? 

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Travel much and use your smartphone alarm to wake up in different timezones? Two decades ago people used travel alarm clocks with AA batteries. Which powered those things for forever – until the day when you had a really important meeting and they ran out of juice. Maybe you would still have your old job if the hotel had integrated wireless power charging areas on the desk in your room which would have worked with your old school alarm…

Ever had to buy your kids a pair of those shoes that had LED lights in the sole? After 2 month they were “not cool” anymore as the batteries which weren’t replaceable ran out. If you could just have placed them on a wireless power Ikea lamp for a night instead of spending another day running through stores…

In the 1990s the Internet for private use was just at the beginning. It has been the era of TV and relaxed evenings on the couch. Sitting there zapping through 90s quiz and talk shows until the remote batteries died. Getting up from the couch suddenly is a nightmare. With a charging couch table and wireless powered remote control battery you would have probably switched channels a lot more often!

There you go, with many more portable, battery powered devices nowadays it should be easy for you to see how this technology is beneficial for your applications. Get more information and samples here.